I am a BINGER. I love tv so much, I take a detox away from TV every four months, so I do not become a straight up addict. I love TV because it has the power to transform you to another place and time. With all that’s going on out there in the world, its good to remove yourself from your current reality and indulge in a few feel-good TV shows. Take a look at my top picks for best feel good and/or hilarious tv shows (in no particular order) that will surely bring a smile to your face.



                My absolute very favorite show in the whole entire world. This show has everything you need to 1. Feel good about yourself and 2. Crack yourself up into a stomachache. Friends is a show about 6 friends who are in their mid-twenties at the start of the show and knee deep in hot mess ness. They are relatable because their everyday struggles apply to everyone around that age in their lives. There is romance, pettiness, friendship, and all the nonsense that comes with being broke in NYC. Whenever I feel down, Friends is my go-to, it has yet to fail me.

You can find friends on HBOMAX.



                While I’m blasting friends in my room, my cousin is across the hall from me blasting the office. It’s her go-to show to turn to when life is smacking her in the face. The office is set literally in an office of a paper company set in Scranton Pennsylvania. The cast is diverse, from race to age. Their Boss, Michael, is a shit show, who is more of a pain in the ass rather then a motivator. I am still trying to figure out if I should fee sorry for him, love him or hate him.

You can find the Office on Netflix



                A soft lighthearted show about surgeon Zoe Hart, who moves to Blue Bell Alabama from NYC for a year to work on getting a fellowship. I love this show because it does a really good job at pulling you into their small town. This is a show where although nothing really happens there, you want to move there. The characters are amazing. It’s a show about comradery and what it truly means to be a good neighbor.

You can find Hart of Dixie on Netflix



This show follows lorelai gilmore, a thirty something single mother living in Stars Hollow Connecticut with her teenage daughter Rory. The show explores family, romance, friendship, ambitions, disappointments and more. Lorelai’s strained relationship with her parents explore the gap between social classes.



                Mainly a show about the ups and downs of romance and friendship. I watch this show once every few years and now that its officially streaming on Netflix, there is no excuse! This show is hilarious because the characters are idiots. If you could get passed Joan’s (The main Character, played by Tracee Ellis Ross) self-centered and selfish ass you will be presently surprised. Although the show was canceled which left the ending a hot mess, you still have eight amazing seasons that will have you dying. This show also serves as a great self-reflection when you see how these characters act towards their relationships.

You can find girlfriends on Netflix

6.       NEWGIRL


                New girl is about a quirky, nerdy late twenty something girl that moves in with three men after catching her boyfriend of five years cheating on her. Set in LA, Jessica Day (Played by Zoe Deschanel) is a lovable teacher, who comes into the lives of these three hot mess boys and turns them into amazing gentlemen. Jessica also learns how to be tougher in the world. This show is about navigating the World, when you have mad roommates, are broke and have no idea what you’re doing in your life. It’s a great show about friendship and many people we have to meet in our lives. This show is hilarious and very lighthearted.

You can find New Girl on Netflix and HULU.



                Mindy Lahiri is a Gynecologist whose personal life is a straight up shit show. Set in NYC, Mindy seems to have it all together until she opens her mouth. She is amazing at her job yet cannot seem to get any other areas of her life in order. She’s hilarious, ignorant, smart, stupid, rude, loving, basically a walking contradiction. All the dialog is hilarious and character development is amazing.

You can find The Mindy Project on HULU



This show is HILARIOUS. It’s about a very wealthy family whose assets get seized by the government after being ripped off by their accountant. Having no assets, money and no place to go, Johnny remembers a town he bought as a joke for his son and they move there. This show is light hearted and character development is amazing as the Rose family deal with culture shock and learning to adapt to the new normal – broke.

You can find Schitts Creek on Netflix.