Ladies, we often get in our own way. Small things that we should be doing or shouldn’t be doing. Regardless, we are not acting up to what our boos signed up for and they hit the road.  These rules I will list below are so important that I’ve decided to call them “Bible of the keep your man!”

  1. Don’t be a biatche (pronounced biah-chay). A biatche is a woman who is stank when speaking to her boo and his friends/family. She speaks her mind and says it whichever way she wants to because in her mind ‘it’s the truth’. When in reality she’s wrong about almost everything, almost all the time. That’s why she doesn’t know that she’s getting dumped soon. Look. It’s a great quality to be able to tell the truth and speak your mind. Most people are afraid to let the world know what they really think of something, especially if it may be considered taboo. But it’s the way you say it. Example: A biatche who sees her boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend wearing a less then flattering dress would say aloud. “She knows she has no business wearing that dress. It doesn’t even fit her!!!” Chuckling as she finishes her offensive comment and never realizing that she even said anything wrong. Why? Because in her mind, she was telling the truth. Now a lady with class would tell the truth without offending anyone and looking like a biatche by omitting. “That dress is beautiful but I really wish she got it in black instead of green. Black would look better with her skin tone.” Done. Or if u can’t omit. Keep that nasty mouth shut. It’ll keep u a man and will stop his friends thinking you’re a told biatche.
  2. Please and thank you. Ok now I know this is what you learned in daycare but we do not say those two magical words nearly enough as we should. Example: Instead of saying I need my tires changed. You could or should say “Hey baby? I really need to get my tires changed. Do you think you can change them for me please?” Not too hard huh? But I bet if you sat to think about how many times you should have said please and thank you, you’d realize that it’s not enough! When he surprises you and or does something for you even get you a glass of milk, do you say thank you? Cause you should.
  3. Be one of the boys 10% of the time. Just bear with me here. I’m not saying dress up like a dude, get down and dirty like the guys, or spit everywhere you go.(That’s just me! 😉 ) But, get a little more involved in what he likes, which most likely will be sports. There are so many ways you can get involved in sports with your honey without having to study the sport itself or an annoying girlfriend. If he invites you to the bar with him to watch a game. GO! Because if he goes enough times without you, that single girl whose always there rooting for his favorite team might have your spot soon. Host a game night at the apartment. Get some wings, chips and dip and tell him to invite the guys over to watch the game. He’ll love you even more for loving his friends, and his friends will think your hella cool.
  4. 4.Keep it sexy. Ladies, you are not sleeping alone anymore. Throw away those nasty baggy pajama sets. Ugh. Buy you some beautiful lingerie. It doesn’t have to be expensive or too over the top, just enough to show him that you want to look sexy for him. Trust me ladies. It goes a long way. Or just sleep naked. That works too.