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    Why you should sleep naked

    We live in a society where clothing is required. It is taboo to roam free, the way you were born. But when you are in the comfort of your own bedroom, should you be naked? Maybe not, incase someone pops in, but what about sleep time? I sleep naked all the time, but mainly because i feel more comfortable. But there are major benefits to sleeping in the nude. Next time you get ready for bed, why not try it? Here are three reasons you should start sleeping naked now: Boost Self EsteemSleeping naked helps to boost up your self image. Being comfortable in your own skin is very important…

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    How to keep your man

    Ladies, we often get in our own way. Small things that we should be doing or shouldn’t be doing. Regardless, we are not acting up to what our boos signed up for and they hit the road.  These rules I will list below are so important that I’ve decided to call them “Bible of the keep your man!” Don’t be a biatche (pronounced biah-chay). A biatche is a woman who is stank when speaking to her boo and his friends/family. She speaks her mind and says it whichever way she wants to because in her mind ‘it’s the truth’. When in reality she’s wrong about almost everything, almost all the…

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